Have you spent years attending speech therapy to fix your child’s lisp?

I have seen many school age children with lisps and who continue to have slushy and inaccurate speech sounds.  There are many reasons for this and an experienced speech therapist is able to determine what factors contribute to ongoing speech problems.

A thorough medical history is required and an understanding of your child’s habits. Sometimes other health professionals are needed to assist with appropriate management of health issues before speech intervention can even commence.

A major part of this speech intervention is carrying through with home based activities to break old speech habits. It is really important that the family are able to commit to the home program to break habits and correct speech. This process does take time however results can be achieved and are long lasting.

Do you really need to care about speech problems at school?

Issues facing school age children with inaccurate speech are bullying and teasing, loss of confidence speaking in a group or doing presentations to the whole class, loss of confidence with public speaking generally and  sometimes poor spelling.

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