What happens first?

An initial assessment is required to determine your child’s fine motor/handwriting issue. The duration and assessments required are usually discussed with you and your therapist when you first call the service. During the assessment process a combination of informal and standardized tests will be used depending on the age of the child and presenting concern.

Following the assessment, an individualized therapy program will be provided. Therapy sessions will be tailored to each client’s needs and home practice activities will be provided. You may be able to obtain rebates for intervention or depending on your health insurance cover, be able to claim for Occupational Therapy intervention.


 Preschool Fine Motor Skills

  • School Readiness: pencil/scissor skill, self care skills (tying laces)
  • Fine Motor Development: dexterity skills & hand strength

School Age (K-12)

  • Handwriting Skills
  • Manual dexterity & hand strength
  • Visual Perceptual skills
  • Productivity in the classroom
  • Assessment for Disability Provisions for Exams

Occupational Therapy at the Childhood Learning & Speech Pathology practice provides intervention to kids in the Ryde area. These suburbs include: North Ryde, Denistone, East Ryde, Maquarie Park, Marsfield, Eastwood, Epping, Dundas, Ermington.