This program is designed to enhance a student’s ability to communicate in a variety of contexts and circumstances, including preparing and delivering speeches, interactive speaking, storytelling, persuasive speaking, initiating conservation and social speaking. As students progress through the grades they will develop an intuitive feel for public and interpersonal communication and will be able to use language with increasing ease, confidence, subtlety and appropriateness.

The program demands maximum participation from individual students and provides the opportunity to practice presentations, receive feedback and ultimately to present with confidence.

Emphasis is placed on improving vocal abilities through activities involving breathing, articulation and projection. Class activities will also continue to develop a wide knowledge and appreciation for debating, prose, poetry and dramatic scripts.

Vocal Improvement & Effective Communication Classes are held on a Saturday afternoon each term at their Chatswood training studio. Please see for dates.

Please note that students also have the option to sit for an internationally recognised graded certificate program at the end of each year.